Zack Pooneyhan
Nickname Zack-Attack
Age 13
Occupation student
Band Job Lead guitarist
Portrayer Brendan Fraser
Zack "Zack-Attack" Mooneyham is a student at Horace Green Prep School that Dewey as Ned Schneebles teaches at. He played the guitar in the school music class, and becomes the lead guitarist in Dewey's School of Rock band.

Zack is quiet and shy. He was reluctant to be part of the band at first, mostly due to having a very strict father, who forbade Zack from playing with electric guitar and rock music. But as Dewey's charismatic rock lessons continue to draw Zack into rock music, he becomes much more talented as an electric guitarist, and much more interested in rock music. Due to being able to write the bands own music, he seems to be a very creative young man.  

Dewey discovers that Zack wrote his own rock song, which he was practicing during class, and Dewey was so impressed that he immediately decided to have the band learn Zack's song 

When Dewey was exposed for posing as their substitute teacher, Zack was at first upset that their teacher used them just to make some money. But after a discussion among the students, they agreed that they had a good experience with their teacher and decided to sneak out of school and compete in the Battle of the Bands concert as Dewey planned.

At the concert, Dewey decided that their band should play Zack's song because it's a great song, and Dewey expresses how much he praises Zack for being such a talented guitarist, and now a talented rock musician. As Zack's father and the other parents managed to follow their children all the way to the concert, the band stood on stage and Dewey introduced their song as having been written by Zack. The band played very well, with Zack impressing the audience with his own solo. The performance was so spectacular that the parents, the whole audience, and even Zack's strict father, were greatly amazed. Despite not winning the contest, Zack's father, the other parents, and the whole audience cheered for an encore from the School of Rock. He is later seen performing at an after school club that Dewey teaches, meaning that his father finally allows him to play the electric guitar and listen to rock music.

Zack's songEdit

He wrote the song "Teachers Pet", which he initially did not want to share with the rest of the class; but Dewey/Schneebly convinced him to play it, so the whole band can learn it.