Based on the hit 2005 film comes...


The original cast and crew is:

Character Original Broadway Cast[
Dewey Finn Alex Brightman
Rosalie Mullins Sierra Boggess
Ned Schneebly Spencer Moses
Patty Di Marco Mamie Parris
Shonelle Taylor Caldwell
Katie Evie Dolan
James Jersey Sullivan
Sophie Corinne Wilson
Marcy Carly Gendell
Mason Ethan Khusidman
Freddy Dante Melucci
Tomika Bobbi MacKenzie
Zack Brandon Niederauer
Billy Luca Padovan
Lawrence Jared Parker
Summer Isabella Russo
Madison Shahadi Wright Joseph

And the soundtrack is:

Musical numbers Edit

Act I
  • "I'm Too Hot for You" – No Vacancy and Dewey
  • "When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock" – Dewey
  • "Horace Green Alma Mater" – Rosalie, Parents, Students and Teachers
  • "Here at Horace Green" – Rosalie
  • "Variation 7" – Dewey and Ned
  • "Children of Rock" – Dewey and Ned
  • "Mount Rock (Reprise)" – Patty
  • "Queen of the Night" – Rosalie, Students Dewey and Gabe
  • "You're in the Band" – Dewey and Students
  • "You're in the Band (Reprise)" – Dewey and Students
  • "If Only You Would Listen" – Students
  • "In the End of Time (A Cappella Version)" – Dewey
  • "Faculty Quadrille" – Teachers
  • "In the End of Time (Band Practice)" – Dewey and Students
  • "Stick It to the Man" – Dewey and Students
  • "In the End of Time (The Audition)" – Dewey and Students
  • "Stick It to the Man (Reprise)" – Dewey and Students
Act II
  • "Time to Play" – Summer and Students
  • "Amazing Grace" – Tomika
  • "Math Is a Wonderful Thing" – Dewey and Students
  • "Where Did the Rock Go?" – Rosalie
  • "School of Rock (Band Practice)" – Dewey and Students
  • "Dewey's Confession" – Dewey, Rosalie, Patty, Ned and Parents
  • "If Only You Would Listen (Reprise)" – Students and Dewey
  • "I'm Too Hot for You (Reprise)" – No Vacancy
  • "School of Rock" – Dewey and Students
  • "Stick It to the Man (Encore)" – Dewey and Students
  • "Finale" – Full Company

Although there is a recording of it, "Give Up Your Dreams" was not performed in School of Rock the Musical-- at least not when I saw it.

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